TaiJi grown in New York City
Classes currently on hold. Please contact us for private or private group instruction.

Learn the ancient art of Taiji! Also written T'ai Chi, it is a system of movement that has been passed down orally for over 20 generations. Represented by the symbol of yin and yang, practicing the art gives the student more energy (Qi or Ch'i) they can use for health and self-defense.

What People Are Saying
"What a hidden gem! ..I left class feeling so centered...the flowing, mind-centering movements left me feeling great." Jessica H.
"I had no experience with Taiji before attending Terry's classes, so it is hard for me to compare, but overall I would say my experience has been superb." Ivan P.
"It was a very good experience, non-judgemental, very professional and I will recommend it to friends." Barbara R.
taiji.nyc teaches authentic TaiJi in New York City. Receive personalized attention in beautiful studios. There are no uniform fees or yearly monetary commitments required. What you learn in TaiJi you can apply across your life. Check out a class.

TaiJi is the best health exercise for all ages, and the highest form of self-defense, using the opponents' energy against them. Enhance your performance and charisma, conquer anxiety, heal aches and pains, and learn to harmonize with others. TaiJi.nyc is a great place for those who want:

  • a fun way to learn well-being and self-defense
  • personal attention customized to your needs
  • a certified instructor with official lineage
Class Schedule
Beginners' TaiJi Weds 6:00pm-7:00pm 440 Lafayette Street
Room 4G
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Push Hands Weds 7:00pm-8:00pm 440 Lafayette Street
Room 4G
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