TaiJi grown in New York City

I have been very lucky to have studied under true masters in learning TaiJi and other Daoist techniques. My first teacher, Master Don Ahn, opened his DanTien and mastered the rooting power, the foundation of all TaiJi skills. Over many years, he refined my structure in the postures. He once said to me, "Professor Cheng gave it to me, and I give it to you. When you have it, you can give it to other people."

The great thing about TaiJi as an instructor is the change I get to see in people who learn. Not only do I see physical improvement, but often people get motivated to make big advances in their lives after a few weeks, whether it's losing weight, getting a new job, or just changing their attitudes. I can't say that it's not just coincidence, but I've seen it enough that I suspect there's a connection. :)

Terry Collins was a favored student of Master Don Ahn, a master of esoteric Daoism. Terry has been studying the art of TaiJiQuan for over 20 years, and was certified as a teacher in 2005. He has learned Daoist Meditation, Rooting Power, TaiJiQuan, Push Hands, Da Lu, Sword Form, Knife, and Double Knife.

Terry continues his studies of TaiJi in the Chen Style, with Master Ren Guang Yi (20th Generation Chen Style Master), and has received instruction from Master Chen, Xiao Wang (Chen family standard-bearer). He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and brings a keen scientific awareness to the art.